The work I have been doing is an investigation around two aspects, one of formal character that is linked to space and its geometric and structural qualities, as well as with the "geometric abstraction" and its development in the history of modern art; another of contextual character that has to do with nature, specifically the Caribbean, and the ways in which it affects and determines the human being spiritually. I carry out this exploration through different expressive media: immersive works, videos, installations, monumental sculptures, drawings and graphic works.

Regarding the first aspect, the exploration has focused on the problems of movement and transformation, therefore the works are proposed as structures in "unstable equilibrium", that is to say, structures that tend naturally towards movement, and that are constituted from subtle and progressive internal transformations. These "states of instability" allow me to deal with themes such as suspension, transparency, fragility and fluidity. By being dynamic, they announce movement in themselves, and show something that is ready for a possible transformation. Elaborated in different media, my works in "unstable equilibrium" seek to embrace the viewer, to include him or her and make him or her part of the work, either because the viewer sets the work in motion or because he or she finds himself or herself, thanks to the work, incorporated into a space that has modified its modes of being perceived and its dimensions.

In terms of language, the approach is based on geometric abstraction, which I consider my "natural language", given my academic and professional background. Hence the research has been, and continues to be, a constant dialogue with the history of art of modernity. A dialogue in which, unconsciously and consciously, I have discovered gestures, forms, figures, structures, which have allowed me to rethink, amplify, modify and recreate that artistic tradition. This as a way to reinterpret, from a tropical language, the rationality inherited from the pioneers of geometric abstraction, reviewing with a new sensibility the relationship between Latin American art and modern European art.

Regarding the second aspect, nature has given me a feeling of communion with the universe, it has given me the opportunity to access a different kind of state of consciousness, in which I feel part of a whole. The forms already existing in nature have made it easier for me to create. It is fun to turn a gesture, a structure, a form around; sometimes it is those same forms that seem to be asking for a transformation or a reformulation. Nature is the most immediate reference of my works, and it is always present as a trace or a founding substrate.

Video has come to complement the proposals, allowing me to approach space and movement from new forms in which time is explicitly included. Thanks to this powerful means of expression, sound is incorporated into the pieces, becoming almost the protagonist element, which makes evident both the temporality and the formal and structural transformations that are involved in the development of the image. In my works I show the natural, fluid and changing substratum that human thoughts and rational structures possess, and I reflect on the infinite links I find between nature with its forms and abstract art with its expressions.